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SHENZHEN SHOUHUBAO COMMUNICATION LIMITED. was founded in June 2014. It is an innovative technology company focused on high-end wearable devices, Internet of things and independent research and development. It is mainly formed by the top Chinese and foreign talents of Lenovo, Broadcom, NOKIA, Jinshan and other well-known companies.

SHENZHEN SHOUHUBAO COMMUNICATION LIMITED. is committed to becoming the world's leading intelligent wearable product and its mobile Internet service provider. In the future, it will introduce more global resources and venture capital, and become a rising uptrend in the field of intelligent wearable.

SHENZHEN SHOUHUBAO COMMUNICATION LIMITED. has been favored and invested by many top technology companies at the same time. At the same time, it has cooperated with the hottest Internet Co to launch intelligent products that challenge the industry's highest level in the near future.

SHENZHEN SHOUHUBAO COMMUNICATION LIMITED. is smart fitness, thinking with the Internet of things to create the most fun fitness car. The speed of burning begins with the idea of a technical mansion to solve the inertia of the body, practice the spirit of making the idea a reality, and grow from the public to the issue. Change the world by the idea of playing. We are cynical and we are free. The time is changing, to play, to play to the extreme.

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