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You want to know about the settled Souq, are here to share | will record
Source:      Date:2018-01-31
Yesterday (January 30th), iMile and Souq held the first online sharing meeting. Souq business development manager, Ms. Tang Xiangmei, Ms. Chen and iMile business director Yan detailed answers to the questions raised by netizens.

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The following is a share meeting:

1. Entry mode

1. What are the requirements and requirements for the entry of Souq?

Answer: there are two rigid requirements, one is the document, the need to have the business license of the United Arab Emirates, or the ID of the United Arab Emirates;

The second is goods. It is in stock in the United Arab Emirates to ensure that Souq can be informed within three days.

2. Can Chinese people in the United Arab Emirates register Souq in their personal identity? What information can you provide?

A: a person with ID in the United Arab Emirates can register the Souq in his personal identity and bind the individual bank card of the United Arab Emirates.  The category of personal account sales is limited, such as cosmetics, electronic products can not be sold. Souq can not be registered with Chinese identity card or business license.

IMile is currently co operating with Souq in the UAE and has no conditions to open Souq account seller. It can be settled through imile, and only need to provide simple contact information.

3. If a personal register is registered and a personal bank account is bound, is it suspected of illegal operation?

Answer: the entry of personal identity will not involve illegal operation. But Souq has a rule, if you are bound to use personal ID card account, then you must bind a registered person's bank card to withdraw money; if the business license is registered with the account, it must be the business license of the company's bank account, or one of the company law of people's Bank accounts can teller.

4, Souq account, the domestic bank card can be receivable?

Answer: domestic bank cards are not receivable. The account opened in the United Arab Emirates only supports the bank card of the United Arab Emirates.

5, how to collect money in the country, is it through the iMile collection?

Answer: if it is in the name of iMile, it is bound to the bank account of iMile's local company in the United Arab Emirates. If the seller needs to withdraw money, it is first to present iMile's local bank card and then transfer to the domestic or Hongkong bank cards of the sellers.

6. Is the Souq open for free? Do you need to pay the service charge for the goods sold?

Answer: in the Souq shop is free, need to pay payment processing fee sold products, each order 7.5 dirhams, in addition to the Commission and value-added tax.

7. When will Saudi Arabia be open?

A: IMile is planning to engage in cooperation with Saudi Souq, which is expected to be opened at the beginning of this year.

8. Is it possible to set up a company in Bahrain?

Answer: No, I can't. At present, there are United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

6, is there a platform for the investment and operation team to follow up the service?

Answer: Yes. Sellers can contact Souq customer service in the background of sellers if they encounter any problems, and sellers who enter through iMile can also contact the Souq Commissioner of iMile (micro signal: mai081305).

Two. Business model

1, in addition to B2C, C2C, can you expand the B2B business?

Answer: not for the time being, Souq is now mainly for the C end.

2, is there a similar Tmall flagship store on Souq?

Answer: Yes. Souq is called "brand store". This brand shop is currently cooperating with big international brands, which will charge a certain amount of cost, initially for $ten thousand. The specific package plan is introduced to the market department after determining the customer, and is communicated with the brand by the Souq market department.

3. What is the policy of using FBS's specific operation rules?

Answer: FBS is similar to Amazon's FBA. It is the warehouse that sells the goods in Souq. Once an order is ordered, the order is confirmed by Souq, the order is printed, the delivery is delivered, and the return is processed.

FBS has several advantages:

First, if stored in the UAE warehouse, there are possible sales to several other Middle Eastern countries, including Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Second, no more manpower should be added to confirm the order, print the waybill and so on.

Third, do not spend time and energy to deal with return.

Fourth, each product will be labeled as Fulfiled by Souq, and more can win the trust of the customer.

Fifth, the use of FBS service merchandise, customer consumption if more than 100 dirhams, can enjoy free delivery service, which can increase sales.

Sixth, if the seller's goods are in the FBS warehouse, you can get a return in 24 hours without waiting for a longer time.

Three, product selection and marketing

What is the recommended 1, selected?

Answer: almost every seller will ask this question. In fact, it is difficult to say exactly which category is good or bad. It is suggested that you plan the category of our supply chain. In addition, there are two places to refer to, one is the app column in the background of the seller, the two is the Souq front desk, the more the number of product reviews, the more sales in theory.

2, does Souq have an insider marketing?

Answer: Yes. Each seller has a sponsored products backstage, which can be referred to.

3, Souq distribution is not very powerful? Is there a quantity requirement?

Answer: Souq is the more SKU in a shop, the better the exposure, the greater the exposure. If you stock up, every SKU stock has no demand. It can be ready for 35 unprepared products at a time.

4, Souq do you have any algorithm for product ranking?

Answer: there is no algorithm in the rankings. But you need to pay attention to your seller's performance, and the seller's performance is directly related to the ranking. There are four key indicators to measure the performance of the seller
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