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Business footsteps unexpected fast even grocery stores can not escape the impact of online shopping
Source:      Date:2018-02-01
Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, maybe a few years later, your home in the vicinity of the grocery store might fall into more intense competition, as a joint report by U.S. Food Marketing Association and Nelson revealed that the next five years most American buyers will be turning to online shopping, this change is much faster than originally forecast.

All the time, people in the industry think it takes at least ten years for consumers to turn on the line to buy groceries for at least a preheating. But the joint report says that 70% of the buyers will share some of their needs in the next 5-7 years. That means they will spend at least $100 billion on the online shopping platform. Such a shift will certainly affect the future of the physical grocery store, after all, consumers are still putting the 80% budget for daily groceries here.

"There will be a fundamental shift in the future retail industry, and we will witness this accelerated process." Tom Bracey - Hawke said, he is the Nielsen Co's global retail strategy consultant. "You may have felt it, and now you can live very well on the internet shop."

From a traditional point of view, the food and grocery industry has no competition with the electric business, and the real business is the book and clothing industry. For ordinary users, it is convenient to buy groceries, and the supply chain in this industry is quite complex.

However, no one can guarantee that a secure job is more and more mature, the room service began to change the user's expectations. Last year, Amazon acquired wfmi is a ripple, they may be the future will be the basis of the channel advantage wfmi, big data integration, logistics and automation technology, playing an opponent be taken by surprise. Earlier this month, the first unmanned supermarket in the Amazon was officially opened.

It is an indisputable fact that users are gradually turning to online shopping platforms. Data show that in the past three months, 49% of Americans bought things online, of which 61% of the millennials accounted for 61%, while the middle age boomers had already entered the middle age, accounting for 44% of online shopping. At the same time, both rich and low income families have become one of the online shopping armies, the former account for 54%, and the latter 40%.

In addition, the development of the Internet makes the price of goods transparent, so the profit space of the physical grocery store will be further compressed. The traditional retail giants like WAL-MART, the future may also have a large number of cheap goods to attract consumers, to keep their market share for many years. In order to reduce the cost and improve the user's shopping experience, WAL-MART must invest more in automation and "follow the follow" technology.

Under the pressure of online shops, no matter whether a grocery store is big or small, they will further emphasize the category of fresh and ready to eat food, because such goods are still short boards of online stores.

Of course, it's just a shift that we can see, and more changes are going on. For example, some brands and retailers use big data to adjust the price, user selection and marketing at any time.
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