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Apple announced that half of the U.S. merchants have supported Apple's payment
Source:      Date:2018-02-02
Tencent Francisco payment market in the global mobile phone, Samsung, apple and Google, and PayPal are fierce competition, according to foreign media news, Apple executives said the day before, half of US businesses have supported apple to pay.

According to the U.S. technology news media CNET reported that the day before in a retail industry conference, vice president of Apple's Bailey Jennifer talked about some apple pay.

She said that in 2014, when Apple was born, only 3% of businesses in the United States supported Apple payment, and half of the businesses now supported the apple payment.

The executive said that in the US online shopping, the number of transactions contributed by smart phones and tablet computers has accounted for 1/4 of the total, and mobile shopping has increased significantly. The development of mobile shopping has also promoted the mobile payment business.

The executive did not disclose other important data from Apple's payments, such as active users, and the number of transactions done daily.

At present, Samsung payment, Google payment, apple payment and PayPal are expanding the market worldwide. PayPal has a high penetration rate. The first three payment services directly integrate the NFC function of the mobile phone, and the payment speed is faster.

China mobile phone payment penetration rate in the world ranked first, but Alipay and other means of payment, the main service Chinese market and travel abroad China consumers, does not belong to the global payment tool, in the global market influence than apple, Google and other payment products.

According to reports, mobile phone payment in developed markets in Europe and the development of more difficult, the main reason is that Europe has entered the social credit card, credit card payment is very convenient, consumers believe that the mobile phone payment and credit card payment, did not bring extra convenience, no need to go to the trouble of binding credit card.

In China, India and other developing countries, credit cards are not popular, commercial banks are lagging behind, and credit card payment in shopping malls is rather troublesome, which makes mobile payment has been developing rapidly.

At present, Google, Samsung, Apple's mobile phone payment has entered more than 10 countries and regions, and is now steadily expanding and expanding the user scale.
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