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OK scan (two-dimensional code bar code)
It's time to change your scanning tool!
OK scan is the fastest, best used two-dimensional code and bar code scanner on the market.

- use

OK scanning can scan two dimensional codes and barcodes, and automatically analyze and interpret what they contain.

When scanning a two-dimensional code and bar code, without taking a picture or pressing a button, the OK scan automatically identifies any two-dimensional code or bar code that the camera aims at.

You can use your camera to identify two dimensional code or bar code, and you can also grab local pictures directly.

When a two-dimensional code is scanned, the OK scan automatically jumps to the URL if it contains URL information in a two-dimensional code. For other types of two-dimensional code information, such as phone numbers and e-mail addresses, OK scans can intelligently prompt you to take the appropriate action.

If you are inconvenient or do not want to perform the two-dimensional code operation immediately, you can find the scanned two-dimensional code information in the history record.
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