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Winter PJ Party: BFF Sleepover
Wintertime means staying indoors more often, and what’s better than having a slumber sleepover party with all of your friends featuring your favorite new winter PJs?

Time to invite all of your friends to your winter themed pajama party! All of your friends will love being able to show off their trendy winter PJs that they’ve stocked their wardrobe with for the changing of the season. At the party, you’ll be able to give your friends the feeling of a night out with a fun winter spa. You’ll all have spa treatments and a makeover before trying on some fun winter pajamas until you find the perfect one.

How to Play:
• Winter time might mean being cooped up inside, but nothing is stopping you from having fun with your BFFs!
• A slumber party is just what you need to cheer up!
• Invite all of your friends and tell them to bring their PJs
• Start the fun of the sleepover with some spa treatments
• A sleepover isn’t any fun without giving everyone a makeover
• Dress up in the fun winter pajamas
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