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My Love Quiz - Classroom Crush
Have you heard? A strange machine has been found outside of your high school. Rumors are flying that it’s a love calculator and your secret crush just asked you on a date to try it out!

You’re super excited as it’s almost time for your high school crush to pick you up to try out the love calculator. You want to put your best foot forward with your cute crush, so you decide on having a fun spa day to get ready. The spa treatments will put you in a relaxed frame of mine. A beautiful makeup is next followed up by dressing up in the perfect outfit that matches your new makeup look.

How to Play:
• A mysterious machine has shown up at school.
• Your secret crush invited you to check out the new love calculator as part of a date.
• Look your best with a relaxing spa day.
• Pamper yourself with a facial spa treatment.
• Have fun using a beautiful makeup palette to turn up your hotness factor.
• Dress up in a chic little outfit that will blow his mind.
• Get ready to see what results the love calculator gives you both as a couple.
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